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Date: Fri Dec 28 2001 - 20:17:18 PST

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    > By Michelle Delio 
    > 2:00 a.m. Dec. 27, 2001 PST 
    > Virus writers often act as if the Internet, the most public forum
    > in the world, is their very own private playground.
    > Law enforcement officials are amused and amazed by the many virus
    > writers who carefully include identifying comments or credits in
    > their code, and who often are found bragging about their skills
    > and latest creations in newsgroups or on Internet Relay Chat
    > channels.
    > "Cyber criminals are like idiot Hansel and Gretels, scattering
    > electronic breadcrumbs that lead straight to them," said retired
    > New York City detective Pete Angonasta. "You just don't see this
    > sort of behavior in other criminals. I've never seen a burglar
    > leaving cute notes crediting the crime to himself. And I've never
    > run across a burglar who puts up a self-promotional website or
    > goes into a chat room to discuss the night's activities."
    Glad Pete is retired as I'd say he is a piss poor detective.
    How many times do we read of criminals robbing banks and using the
    hold up note written on the back of their pay stub? How about the guy
    who got pulled over that is standing in front of a cop saying "i got
    no drugs", with a joint above his ear? How about the guy who robs a
    convenience store with a knife, and the guy in line behind him is a
    uniformed and armed cop? How about stings where the criminal talks
    about how badass they are, how many weapons they have, or how much
    drugs they can score?
    And the countless times that Joe Citizen reports a crime because the
    criminal was stupid enough to think that just because the crime wasn't
    done in front of a cop, nothing would happen?
    Same thing.
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