Re: [ISN] US to yank Kevin Mitnick's radio license

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Date: Fri Dec 28 2001 - 20:20:23 PST

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    In a message dated 12/27/01 12:16:05 PM, Telemann Mediatrix
    <genieat_private> writes:
    > In 1994 I was arrested for several different crimes, 11 felonies,
    > 9 were federal offenses.
    And somehow you are attempting to justify, excuse and rationalize WHY
    the above series of criminal activities were acceptable on the basis
    of the idle curiosity of a 16 yr old "child"?
    This is as absurd as rationalizing being 16 yrs old, playing with
    matches--causing a forest fire--due to the "burning" desire of
    child-like curiosity.
    Crap!  One of our Sr Techs is a bright 17 yr old that routinely works
    on a highly complex network--passed a stringent background check and
    random drug-screening and finds ways to lawfully fulfill his
    Teenagers KNOW the difference between right-wrong and legal-illegal.  
    Perhaps they choose to run with their impulsivity of risk taking
    behavior and pay dearly for the consequences of their actions.  
    Belittling the issue of crimes against property versus crimes against
    persons is a weak attempt at mitigating multiple felonies.
    R-e-a-d ANY issue of you truly believe that the disclaimer
    of "for educational purposes only" can be used as some form of
    defense?  I don't go out to buy the Anarchist's Cookbook because I'm
    interested in how to make napalm in my kitchen so it looks like Jello
    to scare my younger sister.  If it goes "boom" and kills her--is my
    error in receipe making my defense?  I think not!
    You are on the law enforcement shit list--as is Mitnick.  The moral of
    the story is don't play unless you're willing to pay and pay dearly.  
    Arguing the right-wrong behavior of law enforcement, in a democratic
    society, is interesting foder for conversation at a bong party.
    I'm sorry that you and others of your ilk came upon a tainted future
    for things done out of youthful enthusiasm and curiosity.  Only time
    can help you re-earn the trust, you seek, in our society.
    Josh Waters
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