RE: [ISN] PATCH DELAY? Buffer Overflow in UPnP Service On Microsoft Windows

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Date: Fri Dec 28 2001 - 20:13:44 PST

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    I don't have an issue with how long Microsoft took to issue.  I have
    issue with Microsoft not notifying their customers.  How many people
    could have been exploited and never known?  Microsoft could have taken
    their sweet time as long they advise the consumer on how to protect
    themselves until the patch was loaded.
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    Hi there,
    I posted this to the main security lists today, but no one seems interested.
    Chris at suggest I send it to attrition and I am copying Marc,
    in case he wishes to verify this chain of events or not. One can never tell
    if Microsoft is telling the truth or not :-(
    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
    The following official statement was published in a Microsoft news group on
    the 26th of December 2001 when many participants queried why it took nearly
    two months for a patch to be developed to address the Buffer Overflow in
    UPnP Service On Microsoft Windows
    It does not explain why these defective goods continued to ship for the
    Christmas sales season but might be of interest to people on these security
    mailing lists:
    direct link to news article on the server:
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