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Date: Tue Jan 01 2002 - 23:14:06 PST

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    Forwarded from: John Ellingson <JohnE37179at_private>
    This last year 28,000 branch banks in America used our technology to
    screen approximately 18 million new bank account openings for identity
    fraud. Our technology flagged 4.2% of those applications as using
    compromised identities, identities that had been intentionally
    manipulated for the purpose of deception. The manipulation was by
    either the applicant or a third party who had stolen the identity.
    This rate of manipulated identities is 175% higher than in 1996.
    This means that out of those 18 million identities over 750,000 had
    been intentionally compromised. Those same identities were used to
    obtain drivers licenses, credit cards, and airline tickets.
    As the Third Annual Report to The President and The Congress of The
    Advisory Panel to Assess Domestic Response Capabilities for Terrorism
    Involving Weapons of Mass Destruction set out as the number one
    general recommendation: Better use of technology for positive
    identification and for knowledge management should be at the top of
    the list.
    As we move into 2002, I would urge everyone and every company that has
    capabilities that can address this risk to pool their resources to
    create and deploy a system to close this immense hole in our security
    infrastructure.  The hole needs to be closed in a number of areas.
    Airport and other public facilities need this capability, our economic
    infrastructure needs this capability, our communications system needs
    this capability. We cannot afford to continue to use the approach we
    have used all along. We must recognize the new paradigm of the
    supremacy of identity certainty.
    This means that we must precede all authentication efforts with
    identification certainty. In all of the areas of vulnerability
    mentioned above, the users are predominantly strangers and
    authentication without identification first is not possible.
    We must combine strong identification technology with strong
    authentication technology and our vast information resources. This
    will require a combination of a number of point solutions and strong
    integration and information management. It will require reassessing
    how we protect our assets and our lives. It must be able to address
    all types and levels of threats, from cyber attacks, chemical and
    biologic attacks, financial attacks and the physical threats to
    transportation, power, communication, and commercial infrastructures.
    We have all of the technologies required to meet these threats today.
    What those of us in the industry must do is come together to provide
    the integrated solution. Let’s all make this our number one New
    Year's resolution. To that end, Edentification will contribute to
    any consortia addressing this need, free of cost, our completed
    engineering for a biometric and web-enabled identity clearinghouse. I
    urge others to join us in making similar contributions to meet this
    common and important goal.
    John Ellingson
    CEO Edentification, Inc.
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