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Date: Wed Jan 02 2002 - 22:12:14 PST

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    In a message dated 1/2/02 7:28:27 AM, isnat_private writes:
    << Businesses are not going to expend money fixing any problem, no
    matter how severly it affects me as a customer, until it starts to
    affect their profitability. I wouldn't expect them to; they are a
    construct created with the express purpose of optimizing
    profitability. My goal as a security- conscious consumer is to -make-
    it the corporation's best interest to fix any problems that would have
    a detrimental effect on me as quickly as possible.  >>
    I believe this to be a very sound statement of reality. Selling security 
    during good times is difficult, because businesses are willing to absorb the 
    losses as long as they remain profitable. When times turn bad, security and 
    fraud prevention are a good source of profits. Sound security and antifraud 
    technology should pay for itself in a matter of months.  Altering this 
    tradition is the tip of the litigation and regulatory environment. We are 
    seeing some lawsuits from victims of identity fraud suing those who held 
    identity and other private information in a negligent manner. It is not out 
    of the question that a plaintiff's law firm would bring a large class action 
    lawsuit in this area. Regulations, such as HIPAA mandate a higher level of 
    security and privacy protection. Add to this the heightened awareness of 
    security issues post September 11 and the need for security will be 
    transformed from a singular interest of a particular consumer or business to 
    a societal requirement.
    No flames here.
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