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Date: Tue Jan 15 2002 - 08:06:38 PST

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    Most of RaFa's defacements are mass hacks and really don't stand out in
    any way. Also remember that RaFa was the genius who defaced a company in
    the World Trade Center with an anti-Osama rant:
      Hacking Vigilantes Deface WTC Victim's Site
      By Brian McWilliams,  Newsbytes
      Members of a hacking coalition retaliated for the terrorist attacks on
      America by defacing at least two Iranian Web sites since the weekend.
      But the loose-knit group may have also erroneously marred a site
      operated by a company with offices in the World Trade Center. [snip]
    Food for thought as you read the following article.
    World of Hell back on the warpath
    By James Middleton [14-01-2002]
    Notorious website defacement group World of Hell (WoH) issued a warning to
    the internet community last week as one of its most prominent members went
    on a hacking spree. 
    Current WoH front man 'RaFa' has notched up over 500 defacements since 5
    January by hitting a number of Linux-based machines hosting multiple
    Shortly before Christmas the last of the original members of the WoH crew
    made an exit from the hacker scene leaving the group's future in doubt. 
    But an email sent to vnunet.com from WoH member IceKool assured us that,
    although a lot of the original members had to quit "for personal reasons",
    the group is now up and running again. 
    "RaFa and the old crew of WoH are rebuilding the group and plan for it to
    be bigger than it was before," said IceKool, which may be read as a
    warning to website administrators. 
    But RaFa's defacements this year so far have carried a sombre message and
    a scathing attack on the defacement community instead of the typical
    "haxxor 0wn3d joo" bragging. 
    "I have witnessed the defacing scene become more and more ignorant over
    the years. In the end no one cares that you rooted their system but, if
    you make them think and wonder, then they won't forget you," read the
    hacker's comments. 
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