Re: [ISN] Italian Police Nab Hacker Group

From: InfoSec News (isnat_private)
Date: Thu Jan 17 2002 - 23:10:40 PST

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    Forwarded from: Bill Barrett <bill_barrettat_private>
    Website defacements are no more than graffiti in digital form.  
    Should their entire lives be ruined because they did this?  how about
    if they were doing it with a can of spray paint on the side of your
    office building?  and exactly what are the monetary damages?  While
    it's easy to say how much it cost to have a painter remove a
    spray-paint tag it's a lot harder to quantify the cost of running a
    restore from backup and slapping on the patch you should already have.  
    Am I saying these kids should go off scott free?  Hell no.  But every
    time I hear about all the costs for this or that defacement and the
    talk about millions of dollars you have to wonder where they are
    getting this information.
    Yes, ignorance does not justify attack. But if you are an admin its
    you JOB to know how to secure your servers.  If you leave your servers
    wide open to attack and they get hacked and you get fired it's your
    own damn fault for not going down to the local Barnes&Noble and
    picking up a couple books on how to secure your servers.
    As far as these kids go make em pick up trash every weekend for 10
    hours a day for a few months and give em a fine that will put a hurt
    on them.  oh and put a suspended sentence over their heads so if they
    f-up again they do some extra jail time in addition to their sentence.
    but that's just my opinion i could be wrong.
    isnat_private writes:
    >Forwarded from: leon <leonat_private>
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    >I would like to say that anytime a website gets defaced there are
    >always monetary damages.  There are always qualitative damages that
    >are hard to put a dollar figure on.  If a customer goes to the gap
    >website and finds it defaced are they going to feel comfortable doing
    >business with them over the web?  Also the webservers admin probably
    >gets fired or reprimanded and some might just not know how to secure
    >their webservers.  Ignorance doesn't beg or justify attack.
    >The fact that these kids are going to get off with just a slap on the
    >wrist does not seem fair.  What do other people think?
    >ROME -- Italian police have identified six members of a hacker group
    >charged with attacking thousands of Web sites in 62 countries,
    >replacing official home pages with anti-globalization slogans,
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