[ISN] YIHAT founder Kimble/Schmitz arrested

From: InfoSec News (isnat_private)
Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 01:06:30 PST

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    [Who would have known this could have happened? I'm in complete shock!
    You have to wonder now if the German prosecutor will take a page from
    Kevin Mitnick's prosecution deeming Kim Schmitz a risk to national
    security since he allegedly hacked into NASA, the Pentagon, Helmut
    Kohl credit rating and Citibank, better also keep him away from the
    prison payphones too since Kim might scrounge up the parts to build a
    blue box too!
    Special note to Kim: (When you're ego surfing at your lawyer's office
    when you should really be hard at work on your defense), Thailand?!?,
    Why Thailand? I understand that the Seychelles had a great plan
    against extradition if you invested in the Rene government's 
    'business development plan' Something to keep in mind before the
    sentencing hearing. :)  - WK]
    By Thomas C Greene in Washington
    Posted: 19/01/2002 at 19:33 GMT
    In the movies, whenever a protagonist gets away with a big heist, we
    invariably see him passing safely through customs in the Caribbean or
    southeast Asia as the credits begin to roll.
    Perhaps this hackneyed Hollywood device was on Kim Schmitz's mind when
    he chose Thailand as his hideout from German authorities curious about
    his KimVestor Ponzi scheme.
    Yesterday, Thai police arrested Schmitz in Bangkok, acting on a German
    warrant charging him with securities fraud, Der Spiegel reports.
    Schmitz is accused of using insider knowledge to buy shares worth
    approximately $375,000 and quickly turn them around for $1.5 million.
    We may remember Schmitz, aka Kimble, as the founder of YIHAT (Young
    Intelligent Hackers Against Terrorism), an elite crew of IRC kiddies
    determined to use their mad skillz to track down international
    terrorist Osama bin Laden. Schmitz has also claimed to be a master
    hacker himself, in addition to being a financial wizard.
    US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has thus far neglected to return
    our phone inquiry asking if the hunt for bin Laden will now have to be
    called off.
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