[ISN] [defaced-commentary] No more mirrors, this is the end ;/

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Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 00:39:39 PST

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    Subject: No more mirrors, this is the end ;/
    No more defacements will be mirrored on safemode.org. As you know
    this mirror was mostly run by me, zillion. I have been running
    safemode for several years now and reached a point where I do no
    longer appreciate doing it. The defacing scene is evaluating in
    such a way that in order to keep up with it you require a full team
    of people willing to take mirrors. This site is sucking up all my
    free time, energy and has a negative influence on my personal live.
    In the early beginnings every defacement notification mail was
    exciting and always special in some kind of way. Also until a year
    ago the daily amount of defacements where so low that I *appreciated*
    all of them. Now every morning I open my mailbox with 100-150 emails.
    Often defacers mail from hacked systems, send mass hacks in 20
    separate emails (in order to try and get a bigger record), send
    fake defacements, send mail bombs etc etc... it all makes me tired
    and not want to do this anymore.
    New cyber crime laws have also influenced my decision to stop running
    this mirror. Running a defacement mirror without breaking any of
    these laws (if this is possible) requires a lot of discipline and
    takes away the fun element.
    I would like to thank all people who have helped me over the years
    (especially barre and mystakill) and will do my best to keep this
    site online and available for the public.
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