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    Interesting information provided here, not only does the government
    and industry not communicate, but, the government and those inside do
    not communicate.  This policy is already stated in OMB a-130, PDD-63,
    and other federal documents.  Best practice documents and guidance
    documents also exist inside the government with no copyright
    infringement incurred.  See CSRC.NIST.GOV web site.  More tax dollars
    going to waste if it goes through.
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    By Diane Frank 
    Jan. 29, 2002
    Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.) introduced two bills Jan. 28 aimed at raising the
    level of information security expertise within government and the private
    One piece of legislation, the Cyberterrorism Preparedness Act, would create
    a nonprofit group of academic and industry experts to develop a set of best
    practices for protecting computers and networks against cyberattacks.
    This follows recommendations from the White House's Office of Science and
    Technology Policy and other experts, according to Edwards' office.  
    Edwards is a member of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation
    The bill initially would require a report on which best practices federal
    agencies should implement, first through pilots and then governmentwide. It
    then mandates a study on how to get the private sector to adopt the best
    practices, including an examination of whether federal contractors and grant
    recipients should be required to follow the best practices.
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