[ISN] The May Report: 01/31/2002: Calling all hackers: Bill wants folks with SNORT and "John the Ripper"

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Date: Fri Feb 01 2002 - 03:01:31 PST

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    Subject: The May Report: 01/31/2002: Calling all hackers: Bill wants  folks
        with SNORT and "John the Ripper"; 
    January 31, 2002
    The May Report
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    The May Report: 01/31/2002: Calling all hackers: Bill wants folks with
    SNORT and "John the Ripper"; 
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    * I received a call this morning from a self-described hacker who told
    me that I might be interested to learn that Microsoft is "calling all
    hackers." Bill Gates announced a few days ago that security and
    trustworthiness is the number one concern of Microsoft. In order to
    make sure that their sites are safe, Microsoft is asking hackers to
    help them with penetration issues and intrusion detection. I asked the
    guy--who did identify himself to me, but asked to remain
    anonymous--how they found him.  He explained that it's really a pretty
    small community, and once you are on the list of people who know about
    this stuff, they keep track of you.  Specifically, he mentioned a
    product called "SNORT." Microsoft wants people with SNORT experience.
    Here is a note I received after my conversation with this person. The
    buzz words are fascinating.
    Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 08:39:02 -0800 (PST)
    From: Name withheld upon request.
    Subject: Microsoft is looking for some hackers
    To: ronat_private
    I spoke to you this morning. My name is (name withheld). About a week ago I 
    got a call from a headhunter representing Microsoft. It seems that 
    Microsoft is trying to make good on Bill's promise to secure Microsoft 
    products. They asked if I would do some
    penetration testing and intrusion detection. Keep my name confidential 
    because I am interested in the business. I am attaching some info on me 
    just FYI
    Here is an excerpt from his resume which keeps any identity confidential, 
    of course. I am printing it so that you can see what these guys do, and 
    take a look at the names of the tools they use.
    "Provide security design and implementation for clients.
    Responsibilities include:
    - Manage eight security consultants and developers that were responsible 
    for intrusion detection, policies and procedures.
    - Provided intrusion detection for a large (type of firm removed) firm 
    operating in a heterogeneous environment running Solaris and  Windows 
    NT/Windows 2000 networked by TCP/IP that led to the cracker being 
    discovered. Tools included but were not limited to
    SNORT, Root Tool Kit and NMAP. In addition policies and procedures were 
    refined and developed.
    - Moderator for internet security seminars detailing vulnerabilities and 
    risk analysis.
    - Provided computer forensic assistance to municipal law enforcement 
    agency. Tools included but were not limited to EnCase, Crack and John the 
    - Provided risk assessment along with penetration testing of websites 
    Apache, I-Planet and ISS. Tools included traceroute, SNORT, NMAP, whois, 
    sniffer, etc.
    - Audit and implement security rules for the enterprise infrastructure that 
    included firewalls, screening routers, PKI, intrusion detection etc."
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