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    Forwarded from: Brooks Isoldi <bjisoldiat_private>
    Well, good luck telling that to this reporter.  I have in the past
    tried to inform Mr. Middleton on the topic of internet crimes, which
    he attempts to write many of his news articles about.  He goes out of
    his way to pick the most moronic of hackers and asks them the most
    moronic of questions.  I guess the two fit nicely together.  One
    article he wrote actually contained information on what the kids do
    besides hacking and contained questions that had absolutely no bearing
    whatsoever on the issue.  Middleton has made an effort to allow
    juvenile kids with very little knowledge of the very systems they
    attack to stand on a podium and preach security to the rest of the
    world, and he has justified this nonsense by claiming that these
    articles are widely read by his targetted audience and therefore he
    must be doing something right.  Well, sure if your target audience
    doesn't know anything about the topic, of COURSE they're going to be
    more likely to enjoy what you write.  It's ridiculous when you see a
    journalist stoop down to the level where the "hacker underground" is
    some awe-inspiring, sensational realm that few people have the honor
    of existing within.
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    Since when is web-vandalism equal to "terrorized websites" (and since
    when is terrorized spelled w/ an S instead of a Z?).  I believe this
    reporter is setting an extremely dangerous tone by linking the word
    terrorism to vandalism.  With the 100's of new anti-terrorism laws in
    place, we are going to see sweeping changes all in the name of
    "anti-terrorism", example, Super Bowl 36, did anyone catch the
    commercials that stated "some drug money is used to front terrorist
    activities" by using imagery (paying for guns, explosives, seeing a
    person sitting down "building" something).
    I believe that we need to be very careful how we report items, b/c my
    creating a link between web vandalism and terrorism, is going to
    create a new wave of anti-computer "whatever" (i.e., hacking, etc.,)
    raids, like back during the Cyberpunk days (remember that?)
    Thomas Roy Garner
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    Subject: [ISN] Interview with an ex-hacker
    By James Middleton [01-02-2002]
    According to the defacement archive at, the hacker group
    known as the 'sm0ked crew' only terrorised websites throughout
    February of last year.
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