Re: [ISN] Microsoft developers feel Windows pain

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Date: Sun Feb 10 2002 - 23:59:40 PST

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    A couple of things...
    As an historical tidbit: Steve Lipner is one of the authors
    of the Orange Book.
    As a comment: Security as an imposed focus for Microsoft is
    heaven sent, you heard me, heaven sent.  Consider, as we
    discussed before, the pressure for feature expansion in
    Microsoft products as the main determinant for continued
    competitive and market control -- it must be hell.  How
    many more features can, say, Microsoft Word have anyhow?
    Feature expansion is an extremely taxing game to play at
    the limit and Microsoft is there.  With this sudden interest
    in security(*), our friends in Redmond have a heaven sent
    excuse to get off the rat race for features and *not* bring
    out any new ones for more or less as long as they like.
    This is the best cover they will ever, ever have for doing
    something about quality (which heretofore both sucks and
    could only get worse in the face of feature explosion).
    I have to hand it to them -- they are one slick group of
    lemonade makers for any species of lemon.
    (*) Disclaimer -- I am a security guy and I could not be
    happier for both personal and commercial reasons.
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