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Date: Tue Feb 12 2002 - 00:59:37 PST

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    Subject: [defaced-commentary] Changes at Alldas
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    11/02/2002 : The Alldas.de staff sadly informs you about it's closure... 
       Past: Alldas.de was a non-profit website run by a few volunteers in
    their spare time.  The Alldas.de Project started back in 1998 as a
    small security dedicated Website, ran smooth on a 486/100, served less
    than 50 visitors a day, used diskspace less than 5MB and was
    maintained in less than 1 hour each day by one person.
       Present: These days Alldas.de serves the information needs of
    average 10.000 viewers every day, runs smooth on a dual 1GHz Box with
    1GB RAM, uses 4GB of Diskspace and has become a complete Odysse for
    the volunteers who maintain the most wellknown part of Alldas.de, the
    Archive of defaced websites.
       Future: The alldas project will continue at alldas.org, maintained
    by Fredrik and Xavier, the rest of the staff will stop being part of
    the project. This includes the founder, Stefan Wagner and aus.
    Currently we're moving the Domain alldas.org from Stefan to Fredrik,
    we feel that a tld like .org would be more international and that's
    exactly what we are: an international site and staff!
    I doubt words can describe the sadness we are feeling, but we respect
    their decision and can somehow understand the feeling of total burnout
    and frustration. As stated before, the project will still continue at
    alldas.org and we hope it can be as good as before.
    We would like to thank everyone that has helped us on the way, it's a
    huge list and it cannot be published here. Our great respect goes to
    Jason for hosting us and being such a great ISP (this wouldn't be
    possible without him), Chris/Wouter/Peter for hosting our mirror-site
    (it will still be up)  and everyone that has helped us in ANY way, we
    are really greatful. The remainings of the Alldas.de staff wishes
    Stefan and aus the best for their future projects.
    We expect alldas.org to be back and fully operational at 01.03.2002
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