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    Financial Research Associates Proudly Presents
    The Practitioners' Forum on Mobile & Wireless Security
    April 29-30, 2002
    The American Management Association, Washington, D.C.
    Financial Research Associates is proud to present the 
    unprecedented Practitioners' Forum on Mobile and Wireless Security 
    2002 inaugural symposium. Join us April 29-30, 2002 in Washington, 
    D.C. at the American Management Association for this exciting event. 
    Don't miss this unique opportunity to hear from practitioners who’ve 
    overcome wireless-related security threats - learn from their 
    experiences. You'll also interact with cutting-edge information 
    security experts - Bill Arbaugh, Dr. Simon Blake-Wilson, Brian 
    O'Higgins, Russ Housley, and many more! - who will help you combat 
    suspicious network traffic, sniffers, intrusion attempts and more. 
    At this event, you'll learn the tools and techniques necessary to 
    develop and implement a multi-tiered security solution to protect your 
    wireless investment and ensure business continuity.
    Why Attend?
    If you're responsible for any aspect of your firm's wireless 
    LAN security, you can't afford to miss this event. Just a few of the 
    important topics to be covered include:
    · A discussion of what CIOs should know before - and after - 
      deploying wireless technologies
    · Risks associated with going wireless - along with practical 
      defense strategies
    · Collaborating with government organizations to develop 
      complete wireless security solutions - hear from the Critical 
      Infrastructure Assurance Office (CIAO), the US Department of 
      Justice,  the National Security Agency (NSA), the US Secret Service, 
      and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
    · Corporate policy and legal issues surrounding wireless attack 
    · The pros and cons of wLAN security technologies: WAP, WEP, 
      802.1x, dynamic WEP, VPNs, bluetooth, 3G, dynamic IPsec, PKI
    · Special practitioners' roundtable discussion of case studies 
      from top security officers at ReefEDGE, Bluesocket, PatientKeeper, 
      and Internet Security Solutions (ISS)
    · Dynamic post-conference workshop: "A How-To Guide to 
      Implementing Wireless LAN Security Solutions" co-lead by Sandeep 
      Singhal of ReefEDGE, Avi Rubin of AT&T Labs, and Russ Housley of RSA 
    Please take a few moments to read through the following agenda for a
    comprehensive review of the speakers and topics included at this
    event. I think you'll agree that this is a conference you can't afford
    to miss.
    7:45	Conference Registration
    8:25	Chairman's Welcome
    Daniel Lieman, Chair, Co-Founder, Consortium for Efficient Embedded 
    Security (CEES), NTRU Cryptosystems
    8:30	Panel Discussion: Wireless Security Strategies: What Should 
    the CIO Know?
    Daniel Lieman, Chair, Co-Founder, Consortium for Efficient Embedded
    Security (CEES), NTRU Cryptosystems; John Steven Reel, Ph.D., CTO,
    Veridian Corp.; Dr. Simon Blake-Wilson, Director of Business
    Development, Certicom; Doug Klein, CEO, Vernier Networks; Dennis
    Blaine, Managing Director, Transcrypt
    9:15	Panel Discussion: Know Your Enemy: What the Bad Guys Are Doing
    John D. Nunes, Security Instructor, Internet Security Systems (ISS); 
    Anup K Ghosh, Program Manager, Defense Advanced Research Project 
    Agency (DARPA), Advanced Technology Office; William Knowles, New 
    Dimensions International; Jeremy Bruestle, CEO, Co-Author, Cypher 42, 
    AirSnort; William Arbaugh, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer 
    Science, University of Maryland
    10:00	Break
    10:15	Tools of the Trade: Arming Yourself With the Latest 
    Preventative Techniques and Technologies
    John D. Nunes, Security Instructor, Internet Security Systems (ISS)
    11:15	Securing 802.11b Technology: Standards and Technology 
    	Dr. Simon Blake-Wilson, Director of Business Development, 
    11:45	Luncheon		
    1:00	Wireless VPNs: A Solution for ALL Problems?
            Brian O'Higgins, CTO, Entrust
    1:45	PKI & The Wireless Internet
    	Guy Singh, Director of Wireless, NTRU Cryptosystems
    2:30	Break
    2:45	Grabbing Bluetooth by the Horns
    	Markus Jakobsson, Sr. Principal Researcher, RSA Laboratories
    3:30	Third Generation Wireless: What’s on the Horizon?
    	David Murashige, VP, Strategic Marketing, Wireless Solutions, 
            Nortel Networks
    4:15	Developing a Wireless Security Policy That Works
            David Pollino, Managing Security Architect, @STAKE
    5:00	End of Day One
    Day Two
    8:00	Continental Breakfast
    Vendors of security software and solutions will give 15-minute 
    presentations about the features and benefits of their products, 
    allowing attendees an overview of available technology. To join this 
    showcase, call Erin Winters at (831) 420-2671.
    9:30	Panel Discussion: Legislation, Law Enforcement & Security 
    Richard H.L. Marshall, Deputy Director, Critical Infrastructure 
    Assurance Office (CIAO); Wayne Jansen, Computer Security Division, 
    National Institute for Security and Technology (NIST); Paul Pittelli, 
    Director of Information Assurance Research, National Security Agency 
    (NSA); Richard Salgado, Trial Lawyer, US Department of Justice, 
    Computer Crime & Intellectual Property; Patrick Morrissey, Special 
    Agent, US Secret Service, Electronic Crimes Division
    10:15	Break
    10:30	Practitioners' Roundtable: Wireless Security Case Studies
    Daniel Morrison, Partner, Arthur Andersen; Sandeep Singhal, Ph.D., 
    CTO, Co-Founder, ReefEDGE; Dave Juitt, CTO, Bluesocket; Jeff 
    Sutherland, CTO, PatientKeeper; Representative, Internet Security 
    Systems (ISS)
    11:30	Panel Discussion: The Future of Wireless Security
    Doug Klein, CEO, Vernier Networks; Brian O'Higgins, CTO, Entrust;
    Eugene Chang, VP, Strategic Business Development, Funk Software; Dave
    Juitt, CTO, Bluesocket; Russell Housley, Sr. Consulting Architect, RSA
    12:15	End of Day 2
    	Luncheon for Workshop Participants
    1:30-5:00	Workshop: A How-To Guide to Implementing Wireless LAN 
    Security Solutions 
    Sandeep Singhal, Ph.D., CTO, Co-Founder, ReefEDGE; Russell Housley,
    Sr. Consulting Architect, RSA Laboratories; Avi Rubin, Principal
    Researcher, Secure System Research Department, AT&T Labs
    PRINT & FAX THIS FORM TO: 831-420-2678, CALL us at 800-280-8440 
    OR Register at www.frallc.com
    The Practitioners' Forum on Mobile & Wireless Security, April 29-30, 2002
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