[ISN] CD-rom of key Nato secrets feared sold

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Date: Mon Feb 25 2002 - 00:43:42 PST

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    Forwarded from: William Knowles <wkat_private>
    John Hooper in Berlin
    Thursday February 21, 2002
    The Guardian 
    The United States military's European Command last night appealed for
    the return of a CD-rom said to be packed with a wealth of secret
    military information on the Balkans.
    In a report to be published today, the German magazine Stern said the
    disk had turned up in a laptop computer auctioned on the internet.
    The details on the disk were apparently compiled for Nato's bombing of
    Kosovo. US European Command, based in Stuttgart, said: "If someone
    says that they have classified information, they should safeguard that
    information and turn it in to the appropriate authorities". It would
    not say whether a CD was missing or an investigation was planned.
    Stern said the disk carried a "Nato secret" classification. It
    suggested that American forces were preparing for the conflict almost
    a year before the first bomb was dropped. Stern said the CD contained
    plans, aerial photographs and the geographical coordinates of 53
    potential military targets in Serbia, Montenegro and
    There were indications on the disk that the data had been compiled
    between April and September 1998, and that they had been put on the CD
    in February 1999, the month before Nato began bombing.
    The targeting of sites in Bosnia, a Nato-friendly country, suggests a
    belief that Slobodan Milosevic might have tried to seize installations
    The laptop containing the disk was reportedly bought for just DM118
    (£38) in an internet auction by someone in Herten, near Düsseldorf.
    Stern said the seller, from Schweinfurt in Bavaria, said he had bought
    the computer in an army surplus sale.
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