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Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 01:54:51 PST

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    In a message dated 3/1/02 11:07:09 AM, Russell Coker writes:
    > Where is the government going to find people who have experience in
    > security?  Banks, commercial security companies, and night-clubs I
    > guess.  So when the government wants to hire security people the
    > people who caused those three stuff-ups I described will be on the
    > applicant list...
    My experience is similar to the author's. If you wanted to get
    something past security at an airport of a Senate office building,
    etc., all you have to do is hand the package, brief case, camera case,
    etc., to the security personnel for a hand inspection. I'm convinced
    that both before and after September 11, you could get almost anything
    past almost anybody. My experience in the government office buildings
    around the capital is that the post September 11 response was to
    increase the number of incompetent people providing security.  In
    addition to the increase in numbers the only other change I see is
    more casual conversation among the security personnel.
    Security at airports and most public government facilities isn't even
    a good illusion.
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