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Date: Tue Mar 05 2002 - 00:23:32 PST

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    [Last posting on this topic unless something really interesting 
    pops up.  - WK]
    Let's end the confusion I have talked to Steve and cleared the issue
    up. It did happen and where he did it and with which department leave
    no doubt that it did.
    I was a green door military individual and what he addressed in our
    discussion eliminated some of my concerns, and reinforced the fact
    that the experts leave the government not because of lack of
    patriotism but, because of lack of sufficient support to their
    What Steve did is bring to light the fact that unless security is
    supported and education is provided we will remain in the same
    quagmire and all us happy consultants will continue to have jobs.
    Very Respectfully Michael H. Huggins
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