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Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 00:31:58 PST

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    Just a little heads up, I should be wandering the conference halls &
    exibits of COMDEX Chicago on Wednesday, spending most of my time at 
    the International Security & Biometrics Summit. I'm planning to 
    wear blue jeans, blue sweater, a black packpack, and my Mr. DP hat!
    I know that is as descriptive as looking for the yellow bus in front
    of the school, maybe for Blackhat Las Vegas I'll get a group sushi
    rate for ISN subscribers and we can all meet up there.
    If you have seen the David Letterman show in the last couple of weeks, 
    you have seen Dave playing the first few bars of John Ashcroft singing 
    "Let The Eagles Soar!" Well CNN has the whole song. :)
    Enjoy & maybe see some of you at Comdex!
    William Knowles
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     U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft ended a speech at a Charlotte,
     North Carolina seminary with a rousing rendition of a song he
     wrote called 'Let The Eagles Soar' (February 25)
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