RE: [ISN] Internet-based Counterintelligence against the CIA

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Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 00:18:46 PST

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    [I should pipe in to say that I sat on this for the day wondering
    whether or not to post this, I decided to send this out only after
    John Young had the .PDF online for a couple days at and
    for all intents and purposes, the genie is then really out of the
    bottle!  I am looking forward to hearing about Matta Security
    consultants having hard time getting into the U.S.A. for training and
    consulting as I will not be the least bit suprised.  - WK]
    This is all conducted In Accordance with and under the guidance of not
    violating any law.
    This is to one who put his life on the line many times to allow people
    like this to enjoy there steaks, sushi and suds, deplorable.  Instead
    of publishing for the world to exploit responsible ethical behavior
    dictates you advise the personnel of what you found and let them
    decide or advise before you publicly publishing it.
    EPIC, EFF, CDC an others truly have confused the world we live in.  
    Think people before you place a big red circle on something.
    All of us as security professionals have signed on to ethical
    agreements.  I think you all need to review them.  Or do I truly live
    in my own little world.
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    Dear all,
    Yesterday the consultants of the Matta Attack & Penetration Team
    released a white paper documenting an entirely legal
    counterintelligence exercise undertaken over 2 days against the CIA's
    Internet points of presence, using open sources of information.
    Our results can be found in PDF format at
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