[ISN] Classified discs found in alley no threat to security, says DND

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Date: Sat Mar 09 2002 - 01:36:06 PST

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    OTTAWA - National defence officials insist computer discs found in an
    Ottawa alley marked "restricted" don't pose any threat to Canadian
    security, even though they contain information about navy submarines.
    An Ottawa woman found the discs in a downtown alleyway while on her
    way to work.
    The CD-ROMs, clearly labelled "Restricted," were scattered beside a
    dumpster. Dated from November 2000 to January 2002, the discs had been
    scratched in an attempt to make them unreadable, but the scratches
    were on the wrong side.
    They contained inventory lists of components found on Canada's
    Victoria Class submarines, purchased from Britain in 1998.
    The Department of National Defence said the discs came from BAE
    Systems, a contractor hired by Canada to provide parts and support for
    the submarines. Their office is located in the building next to the
    dumpster.  DND says the information on the discs doesn't pose a risk
    to Canadian security.
    Lieutenant Commander Philip Anido points out the designation
    "restricted" is a British classification, and corresponds with
    Canada's lowest "protected" class. While Anido says it was not a
    serious security breach, he admits the discs should not have been left
    in the alleyway.
    "It's not sensitive material, but, it is restricted, and should have
    been disposed of completely and professionally," said Anido. "It's a
    very important lesson to learn that when material is discarded, it's
    done completely so that important material doesn't fall into the wrong
    Alan Bell, president of international security firm Globe Risk
    Holdings, says the incident shows how easy it is for restricted
    information to fall into the wrong hands.
    "Some DND contractors aren't subject to the same criteria that DND
    departments are when handling sensitive information, and this has been
    an ongoing problem for quite a while because there's no oversight on
    civilian companies who provide services to DND," said Bell.
    DND officials say they've ordered BAE Systems to review its disposal
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