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    Sounds to me like we need a law that empowers the consumers to demand
    their money back if the products prove to be faulty.
    But didn't the US lawmakers just make a law that empowers the software
    makers to enforce whatever licences they like?
    Software quality will not only get worse, but it will be impossible to
    publicly state that it sucks. Publishing security holes will also
    likely be equal to legal suicide.
    The only thing we'll get is a public mirage of better security and
    functionality, while in reality things will actually be a lot worse.
    Oh well.
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    03/10/2002 - Updated 11:19 PM ET  
    By Byron Acohido, USA TODAY
    SEATTLE - A top U.S. Air Force official has warned Microsoft to
    dramatically improve the security of its software or risk losing the
    Air Force as a customer. In an interview, Air Force chief information
    officer John Gilligan revealed he has met with senior Microsoft
    executives to tell them the Air Force is "raising the bar on our level
    of expectation" for secure software.
    Since being named Air Force CIO in November, Gilligan, who controls a
    $6 billion-a-year technology budget, also has met with executives from
    Cisco Systems and delivered a similar message at a handful of industry
    forums. "We just can't afford the exposures, and so those who give us
    better solutions, that's where we're going to put our business,"  
    Gilligan says.
    Gilligan, former Energy Department CIO, has discussed security most
    often with executives at Microsoft. "They are the biggest supplier to
    the Air Force, and my attempt has been to encourage them to set an
    example," he says.
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