[ISN] Japan firms open to hackers: group

From: InfoSec News (isnat_private)
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 23:38:00 PST

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    The Japan Times 
    March 14, 2002
    About 20 percent of Internet servers at Japanese companies use
    deficient software that leaves them vulnerable to attacks by hackers,
    a Tokyo-based nonprofit organization said Wednesday.
    The Network Risk-Management Association said its findings are based on
    a survey conducted in late February that involved about 170,000
    servers with Internet domain names that include the ".co.jp" suffix
    often used by Japanese companies.
    About 30,000 servers had software that manufacturers have said is
    faulty and in need of repair, the group said.
    It added that under current conditions, a systematic attack using 100
    personal computers could halt or overcome 120,000 of the servers in
    the survey in about 10 minutes.
    The survey shows the types of operating systems on 110,000 servers and
    applications on 150,000 servers.
    The use of such servers exposes computer systems to hacker attacks,
    which may entail data theft or the use of a server to take over other
    computers, according to the group.
    More than 90 percent of the servers in the survey had software that
    had not been updated.
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