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Date: Mon Mar 18 2002 - 00:02:27 PST

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    Forwarded from: Thomas Roy Garner <thomasroygarnerat_private>
    The current process for completing a TS package runs about 18 months
    (not exact, mind you).  There is a process for completing a package,
    which (in its basic form) consists of Standard Form (SF) 86, finger
    print cards (two sets), DD 1879 (depends), Office of Personnel
    Management (OPM) Cover Sheet.
    We use Electronic Personnel Security Questionnaire (EPSQ) version 2.2
    ( )and for those that have NEVER
    filled out an SF 86, EPSQ is very anal about full names, addresses,
    telephone numbers.
    General process for first timer is, member fills out SF 86, turns in
    to security office, security office validates SF 86, notifies member
    of any corrections (as needed), member corrects (as needed), turns in
    SF 86, conduct pre-screening interview (runs about 1 hours), sign all
    supporting documents, finger print, make four copies of the entire
    package and mail to OPM via registered 1st class mail, wait for
    registered receipt from OPM and now package is considered "OPEN
    STATUS" and set your watches and wait for the results.
    Also, if you are married to non-US citizen, that requires MORE
    documentation to fill out.  If you ever visited a foreign country
    (other than California (har har)), then you have to list the
    countries, date of visit, reason for visit (education, pleasure,
    business, etc.).  THIS is the stickler for delaying a package, b/c
    agents from those countries have to investigate your visit.  This
    process (one could say outsourcing to field agents?) can really delay
    a package, for results have to be compiled on all those visits! :)
    I started processing clearances in January 2002 and as of this date,
    have not had one completed yet (all are still in "open status"),
    granted it has only been a couple of months, but it DOES take time.
    So, if one is ever thinking about starting a SF 86, remember that
    you'll need full names, addresses, date of births, telephone numbers,
    personnel that knew you (for initial TS) for the past 10 years.  If
    you leave out any of that information, your package runs the risk of
    being rejected by your security officer, OPM or even Field Agents, and
    a rejected package means delayment in the processing.
    Also, and here is the really fun part, the "cost of doing business"
    feature, these investigations are not cheap, I've seen very high cost
    for an investigation (on a new person), so this should ring bells as
    to why personnel that have HAD a clearance in the military are sought
    after?  Why? Well if you have had a security clearance, and are
    applying for a job that requires one, well you will save your company
    $$$$$$ (thousands) in fees that are charged to investigate you.  So,
    if you have had a clearance, make sure you SPECIFY that on your SF 86
    (yes, there is a block for that).
    Side note:  SFO Airport workers are grumbling that non-US workers are
    being targeted, guess what?  In order to have a TS, you have to be a
    member of the US!  So, if you are working in an airport and you are
    not a US citizen (many reasons as to why one is not a US citizen),
    then you MAY (MAY MAY MAY MAY) not be able to keep that job.  
    Federalizing the Airport Personnel, has caused a BIG sticky point in
    this situation, and remember when picketing its not the Secretary's
    idea to federalize all airport personnel, thank our government! :)  
    Better rush off and check the status of your US Citizenship paperwork!
    Thomas Roy Garner
    4580576 (ICQ)/thomasroygarner (Y!)
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    There isn't a shortage of experienced security personnel...simply
    check any of the sites listing jobs in the DC Metro area.  The gov't
    is opening up positions to via contract vehicles, and constracting
    firms are trying to fill them...but the only steadfast requirement in
    any of the postings is a *current* TS clearence.
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