[ISN] ORBZ (finally) shut down.

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Date: Wed Mar 20 2002 - 23:47:38 PST

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    Thank (insert deity here...atheists leave blank)!
    ORBZ was run in the worst and sloppiest manner conceivable.  They'd scan
    every damned mail server they could, over and over again, even though
    there was absolutely *no* evidence that the system was ever an open relay. 
    Good riddance to bad rubbish.  Their real abuses were far worse than the
    claimed abuses of the original ORBS service (run by Alan Brown). 
    Those who know my strong anti-spam stance will appreciate my utterly low
    regard for the (now thankfully defunct) ORBZ.
    - -Jay
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    Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 01:25:25 -0600
    From: David Ulevitch <daviduat_private>
    To: incidentsat_private
    Subject: ORBZ shut down
    Hello incidents,
      I'm sending this forward to incidents for two reasons.
      1) The reason ORBZ appears to have been shut down is because of the
      problem with Lotus Domino servers crashing/hanging when receiving
      bounces with null envelope senders.(check archives for exact issue)
      2) A lot of mail servers will HANG or be EXTREMELY slow if they are
      setup to check against ORBZ name service for spamboxes.
      A good solution is to switch to using something like ORDB
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    Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 03:15:49 +0000
    From: ORBZ <adminat_private>
    To: listat_private
    Subject: Shutdown
    Here's the email that those of you with forward sight
    have been fearing since the inception of ORBZ.
    As of this moment, ORBZ is shutting down.  DNS zones
    are going to stop resolving, the website will disappear
    and mail will stop working (so furthur discussion on
    this list probably won't work -- use NANAE).
    I don't want to disappear in silence like ORBS, so I'll
    try for as much description as possible without
    compromising my own position.
    I received an official court notice this afternoon to
    turn over all information relation to ORBZ accounts.
    This came from the 10th Judicial District court of the
    State of Michigan.  It appears that ORBZ may be facing
    criminal charges for denial of service relating to the
    Lotus Domino issue.
    I was happy to try to weather any civil issues that may
    have come up, and I was committed to seeing it through.
    However, the threat of jail time is too much; I don't
    believe in this fight quite that much.
    Thank you all for all your support.  I sincerely hope
    that someone with the goal of carrying on the mission
    of ORBZ pops up in another country with a less
    foreboding legal system.  Anyone who has copies of the
    current zones may do with them what they wish.
    For those of you stuck without good spam filtering,
    please consider ORDB and SpamCop; they both provide
    excellent free solutions.
    Ian Gulliver
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