[ISN] Hackers fail to ground US Air Force

From: InfoSec News (isnat_private)
Date: Tue Mar 26 2002 - 00:34:16 PST

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    By James Middleton [25-03-2002]
    Network holds out against 125,000 attacks 
    Hackers were unsuccessful in their attack on a US Air Force network
    last week, despite hammering the network in "one of the most
    orchestrated" attacks seen by the Air Force in the past six months.  
    Officials said that over 125,000 unsuccessful attempts were made to
    access the network at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base on Friday in
    "a concerted and directed attack".
    Lieutenant General Richard Reynolds said: "I don't know whether they
    wanted to get in and just get information, or whether they wanted to
    get in and cripple our network."
    But given the projects running at the base, the hackers may well have
    had sinister designs.
    The base houses one of the US government's biggest supercomputers, the
    Major Shared Resource Centre, and plays host to project management for
    large weapons such as the B-2 Stealth bomber.
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