[ISN] Wiretapping Requests Rise Sharply in 2001

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Date: Tue Mar 26 2002 - 00:32:23 PST

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    By Kim Deok-hyun
    Staff Reporter
    Wiretapping requests by law enforcement authorities for fixed-line
    telephones, wireless phones and e-mails soared in 2001, according to a
    report released by the Ministry of Information and Communication.
    The report said the number of wiretapping aid requests last year rose
    by 21.2 percent to 2,884 cases.
    For all of 2001, telecommunication data provision cooperation requests
    jumped 68.6 percent to 270,584 cases.
    ``The sharp increase in wiretapping requests is mainly attributed to
    the fast-growing cyber crimes,'' the ministry said.
    Of the law enforcement authorities, police accounted for 1,032 cases
    for the year, while prosecutors' request stood at 254 cases.
    In particular, eavesdropping requests from the National Intelligence
    Service soared by 65.2 percent to 1,398 cases, compared with 846 cases
    from a year ago.
    However, for the year, the ministry said that courts' warrant issuance
    for wiretapping dropped by 14.5 percent to 1,359 warrants from 1,590
    in 2000.
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