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Date: Tue Mar 26 2002 - 00:33:29 PST

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    UniNet is pleased to announce the 1st Information Security Conference
    at UniNet, InfoSec 2002, wich will run from April 15th to 19th on the
    UniNet IRC network (irc.uninet.edu) in the channel #infosec.
    The InfoSec conference gives security researchers, professionals, and
    hobbyists an opportunity to share information together in an informal,
    friendly atmosphere. (Consider it a good method of speaking to many
    people without leaving your chair.)
    For more information on participating, either as a speaker or as
    listener, please visit http://infosec.uninet.edu/.
    UniNet (http://www.uninet.edu), is an academic network integrated by
    people, universities and organizations that cooperate with each other
    and offer their resources to exchange knowledge in thematic areas.
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    UniNet InfoSec Conference   April 15-19   http://infosec.uninet.edu
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