[ISN] Virus WildList closed 'until further notice'

From: InfoSec News (isnat_private)
Date: Wed Mar 27 2002 - 01:38:46 PST

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    By John Leyden
    Posted: 26/03/2002 at 14:14 GMT
    The WildList, a list of viruses currently at large which plays an
    important role in testing antivirus software, has been suspended
    In a message to the antivirus community, Shane Coursen, chief
    executive of the WildList Organization (which compiles the list), said
    that March, 2002 WildList will be the last "until further notice".  
    Coursen is seeking a full-time position as an antivirus researcher.
    Separate mechanisms (both formal and informal) exist within the
    antivirus community to exchange virus sample, which are needed to
    update software to cope with the latest threat. However the suspension
    of the WildList still has important implications.
    In recent years, the WildList list has been used by anti-virus product
    testers and industry groups such as the definitive guide to the
    viruses found in the real world. An anti-virus product is expected to
    score 100 percent detection against this group of viruses.
    The list is compiled from viruses reported in the wild by 69 virus
    information professionals. The basis for these reports are virus
    incidents where a sample was received, and positively identified by
    the participant.
    Mikko Hyppönen, Anti-Virus Research Manager at F-Secure, and a
    participant to the WildList, said the value of the list is that
    researchers could be sure "if a virus is not on the list - it's not a
    real world threat".
    WildList is sometimes used as a reference by end-users and integrators
    in configuring systems that are likely to prevent companies getting
    hit by the latest virus threats, he added. Such tweaking can occur
    when, for one reason or another, a company is unable to apply default
    settings within its security and antivirus set-up, Hyppönen explained.
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