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Date: Wed Mar 27 2002 - 23:21:45 PST

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    By Christopher J. Dorobek 
    March 27, 2002
    The Navy has created a new command with responsibility for all Navy
    information technology networks, information operations and space
    Navy Secretary Gordon England authorized the creation of the Naval
    Network Warfare Command (NETWARCOM), earlier this month, Navy
    officials said. The command is scheduled to officially begin
    operations by June.
    Navy spokeswoman Lt. Brauna Carl said that the creation of the command
    is a realization of how critical networks are to the Navy's mission
    and how essential they are to the sailor's ability to fight.
    The reorganization is the result of a two-year review and will enable
    the Navy to have the necessary leadership, common strategy, and means
    to integrate requirements and oversee network and space operations,
    Navy officials said.
    The creation of the Naval Network Warfare Command will enable the Navy
    to align the various staffs needed to support the concept of one naval
    network and to support that network's end-to-end operational
    management, Navy officials said in a statement.
    Carl said that the Navy Marine Corps Intranet would come under
    NETWARCOM as the sites are rolled out across Navy's shore-based sites.
    The Navy has commanders for various platforms such as ships and
    submarines. This puts networks on a similar footing, Carl said.
    Senior officers will lead NETWARCOM, but the command's leader has not
    yet been named.
    Several commands will be brought under the central operational
    authority of the Naval Network Warfare Command, Navy officials said.  
    These include:
    * Naval Network and Space Operations Command in Dahlgren, Va.
    * Fleet Information Warfare Center in Norfolk, Va.
    * Navy Component Task Force Computer Network Defense in Washington,
    The Naval Network and Space Operations Command will be created by
    combining the existing Naval Space Command and the Naval Network
    Operations Command. That will take place at the same time that
    NETWARCOM is established.
    Meanwhile, the Commander of the Space and Naval Warfare Systems
    Command will report for additional duties to the NETWARCOM commander
    for matters related to fleet support and execution-year requirements.
    The Commander of the Naval Security Group Command will serve
    additional duties as the NETWARCOM director of Information Operations.
    The new command will be headquartered at Naval Amphibious Base Little
    Creek in Norfolk, Va.
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