Re: [ISN] Excite in web mail hijack drama

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Date: Mon Apr 01 2002 - 00:02:07 PST

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    > By James Middleton [21-03-2002]
    > Security watchers have identified a vulnerability in the web mail
    > service of internet portal Excite that allows for the hijacking of a
    > user's account.
    > According to the experts, when a user logs in to their account through
    > Excite's web interface, the session is authenticated by a unique URL.
    > By sending an HTML email which includes an image based on another
    > server to the victim, an attacker can easily get the unique URL from
    > the referrer field in the HTTP header.
    This is hardly news, other than the size of impact that may be
    realized since this is Excite.
    I posted an almost identical advisory Oct. 30th 2001 to BugTraq,
    only it was in
    I suspect many, many sites and software packages are open to this type
    of vulnerability, people just need to look for them.
    It's easy, it's simple, and it's there.
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