[ISN] Hackers, Viruses Fuel Security Market, Not 9-11

From: InfoSec News (isnat_private)
Date: Tue Apr 02 2002 - 00:27:58 PST

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    By Steven Bonisteel,
    Monday, April 1, 2002; 9:35 AM
    Businesses beefing up network-security measures these days still worry 
    more about viruses and the antics of renegade hackers than 
    international terrorists, according to a new report from In-Stat/MDR. 
    A survey by the technology market research firm suggests that attacks 
    on the U.S. by terrorists last fall had little impact on the network 
    security concerns of most businesses. 
    InStat said 80 percent of businesses it surveyed reported that 
    feelings about network security were the "same as before" Sept. 11's 
    terrorist attacks. 
    Instead, the researchers said, sales of security technology are driven 
    by the need to protect local networks from viruses and hackers. 
    In addition, larger enterprises in particular are turning to virtual 
    private network (VPN) technology to secure connections between remotes 
    offices and mobile workers. 
    "There are various technologies that address network security 
    challenges originating from both within the local area network - 
    remote branch offices, telecommuters, wireless access nodes, and 
    business partners on extranets - and outside the local area network 
    from viruses and hackers," said InStat analyst Sam Lucero, in a 
    prepared statement. 
    "A large number of security vendors, selling a wide range of products, 
    are competing in this market, with the market for 'low- end' security 
    appliances and software primarily served by smaller companies focusing 
    exclusively on security technology and the larger, traditional 
    networking equipment vendors dominating the market for 'mid- to 
    high-end' equipment, providing a portfolio of security products 
    attractive to large corporate customers." 
    InStat said companies large and small are protecting their networks 
    with firewall technology, with bigger businesses more likely to choose 
    a hardware based system, while smaller outfits were more likely to use 
    a software-based firewall on regular PC server. 
    Lucero said companies surveyed by In-Stat cited manageability and 
    compatibility as being just as important when selecting security 
    technology as price. 
    "Those vendors that can focus on these core criteria will fair the 
    best in this highly competitive space," he said. 
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