[ISN] Norway vulnerable to computer terror

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Date: Wed Apr 03 2002 - 00:42:26 PST

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    Norway can easily face a complete breakdown of vital computer systems
    as a result of high-tech terrorism. Members of Parliament are set to
    get a disturbing report of the risks later this week.
    Officials are calling it a looming "electronic 9th of April," a
    reference to the date Norway was invaded by German troops in 1940. An
    attack on the country's computer systems, experts say, is more likely
    than a conventional terrorist attack.
    Newspaper Aftenposten reported Tuesday that this is among the
    conclusions in a report set to be handed over to Parliament on Friday.  
    The report details community vulnerability, and ironically comes at
    the same time the government is expected to unveil proposed cuts in
    Norway's defense apparatus.
    Members of Parliament (Storting) will thus get a unique opportunity to
    review the prospects for military and civilian security
    simultaneously. They will also get a chance, claim experts, to be
    proactive instead of reactive.
    Arthur Gjengstø of the state Directorate for Civilian Defense said
    Norwegian security policy has been based too much on reacting to
    crises, instead of on planning in advance that can avoid crises.
    "The challenge now is to have hindsight in advance, to think the
    unthinkable," he told Aftenposten.
    He wouldn't go into detail about what the report to Parliament will
    contain, nor would Justice Minister Odd Einar Dørum. But Dørum said
    the security of state computer systems "will of course be part of our
    vulnerability evaluation."
    Only during the so-called "Y2K" period of concern prior to the turn of
    the millennium has the country seen widespread computer preparedness.  
    "That led to a blossoming of civil defense," said Gjenstrø, adding
    that Norway is general "is vulnerable in many areas," especially in
    terms of power supply, telecommunications, and computer systems.
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