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Date: Tue Apr 16 2002 - 00:27:26 PDT

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    13th April  2002 
    Alldas down but not out 
    Web site defacement is so popular these days that the defacement 
    mirror sites, which record what's been hacked on a daily basis, are 
    struggling to keep up. Attrition.org decided to back out of providing 
    its mirror service last year, Safemode.org stopped its defacement 
    coverage a few months back, and then in mid-February this year, 
    Alldas.de announced on its site that it was closing due to 'total 
    burnout and frustration'.
    The Alldas statement is slightly misleading because some of the team 
    are continuing with the defacement archive at a new site, 
    www.alldas.org, but they're going to have their work cut out to keep 
    it up-to-date. We reported last month that malicious online activity 
    had fallen after the 11 September attacks but was predicted to rise 
    again in 2002, so the amount of work required is only going to 
    Volunteers run these defacement mirrors, which Attrition.org's Jericho 
    told is crucial: "A commercial outfit running a mirror is not a good 
    idea. There is a serious ethical consideration and a lot of questions 
    need to be asked of why a company would run a mirror." The problem is 
    that, as volunteers, they can't afford to spend too much time 
    maintaining their sites, verifying the defacements and fending off the 
    persistent demands for recognition from hackers. According to 
    Safemode's Zillion, you also run the risk of breaking the law 
    yourself: "If you are stimulating defacers then in most countries you 
    are already committing a crime. Running a defacement mirror means that 
    you must be willing to deal with many problems and abuse mails for 
    example, defacers greet and link you on the hacked systems, they mail 
    you from those systems, they link images from previous mirrored 
    defacements in new defacements."
    Clearly, running a defacement mirror is a task fraught with many 
    serious problems. However, these mirrors do provide a valuable insight 
    into the extent and nature of malicious online activity, so we wish 
    the Alldas team the best of luck.
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