Re: [ISN] New internet legislation outlaws all hacking

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Date: Thu Apr 18 2002 - 00:22:23 PDT

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    Forwarded from: Dave Dittrich <dittrichat_private>
    > It is generally agreed that it is almost impossible to quantify the
    > extent of damage of internet-related crime.
    > "I don't think anyone has numbers on how much is lost. Most
    > cybercrime goes unreported because of PR considerations," said
    > Nemes. "It could be a very high figure, taking into account how
    > online banks and brokerages can be seriously disrupted by denial of
    > service."
    This is pure crap.
    Not knowing that something exists is NOT the same it not existing at
    all, and I doubt this writer did a good enough job of surveying the
    entire security field to be able to takes Nemes' claim as anything
    other than uninformed opinion.
    It IS possible to quantify damage, and many people know how to do it.
    I've done it successfully for criminal cases, and so have many others.
    For a publicly available model, see the ICAMP project report, and the
    Honeynet Project Forensic Challenge results, which used (and
    reference) the ICAMP model:

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