RE: [ISN] Indian hacker turns cyber cop

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Date: Mon Apr 22 2002 - 02:03:15 PDT

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    From: Sheri Moreau <akindofmagickat_private>
    [Is the U.S. Govt that hard up for consultants that its hiring 
    16 year old former defacers to work as intelligence consultants 
    in information security?  - WK]
    Not to pick any bones, but.. it's a lot cheaper to hire a consultant
    in India to work in India than it is to hire an American and get him
    to go live in India... it amazed me when I worked in Silicon Valley
    just how many companies are jobbing out work over there cuz it's so
    cheap (and soooo insecure!!). Without knowing any more than what the
    article said, this kid seems to have done one defacement two years ago
    (forgiveable for a 14 year old), admitted it concurrently with the
    defacement and suggested the defaced site improve their security, and
    then written a book that MACMILLAN for heaven's sake, saw fit to
    publish a year later.
    The un-named "US Government agency" he works for could be any civilian
    agency with a contract to the US government, ya know... the moniker is
    often a matter of semantics when it comes to the media. Could be
    Lockheed or Intel or anyone...
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