Re: [ISN] Indian hacker turns cyber cop

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Date: Tue Apr 23 2002 - 00:10:23 PDT

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    Forwarded from: raju <rajuat_private>
    > Forwarded from: rferrellat_private
    > > To the majority, it may not have meant much, but to
    > > 16-year-old Ankit Fadia sitting in front of his PC in
    > > the Indian capital Delhi it was a "Denial of Service"
    > > attack - someone somewhere was trying to hack into a
    > website.
    > This is journalistic FUD.  DOS is not an intrusion, it's
    > just an overload of an existing network service.
    This whole article seems to have sprung from the vivid imagination of
    a 16-year old and been swallowed hook, line & sinker by a dumb
    journalist.  To add to RGF's list:
    5) What is an Indian hacker, living in India, doing working for a US
       government agency?  How did he get the clearances for the job?
    6) Why is a US government agency protecting the website of "a top
       Indian firm" from Pakistani hackers?
    7) How is it that he could detect the source of the DoS attack
       "minutes" before he could detect who the target was?
    Smells like one very gullible journalist at work here.
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