[ISN] [defaced-commentary] c4iweb.spawar.navy.mil defaced by The Deceptive Duo

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Date: Tue Apr 30 2002 - 01:58:03 PDT

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    Subject: [defaced-commentary] c4iweb.spawar.navy.mil defaced by The
        Deceptive Duo 
    Another interesting defacement. Of note, the information and
    screenshots at the bottom and the validity of them.
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    Subject: [alldas-defaced] c4iweb.spawar.navy.mil defaced by The Deceptive Duo
    Defaced Website: c4iweb.spawar.navy.mil
    Defaced by: The Deceptive Duo
    Mirror URL: http://defaced.alldas.org/mirror/2002/04/29/c4iweb.spawar.navy.mil/
    NMAP Output: http://defaced.alldas.org/?did=31842&xid=1
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    OS guess: Windows
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