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    Forwarded from: Kurt Seifried <listuserat_private>
    This happens every year at cansecwest. Last year because of the slow
    ass connection someone took it upon themselves to hack the cisco and
    prioritize traffic a bit (so a bunch of us ended up camping out on my
    dialup =). Although last year the wireless network was much more messy
    then this year, with people scanning/flooding/etc/etc, this year the
    only glitch was a presenter testing his 802.11 attack software just
    before his presentation (network kept falling over, quite funny in
    I doubt it is a she for the simple reason women seem to have more
    common sense, all the useful traffic was encrypted this year anyways
    (although that didn't stop them from trying mitm ssh attacks,
    Kurt Seifried, kurtat_private
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    > This article was brought on by one who tried sniffing in a switched
    > environment.  He (She) had not practiced enough or was not familiar
    > with the equipment he was manipulating.  The sensational writing does
    > add a bit to the occurance...
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    > >
    > >
    > > By Robert Lemos
    > > Staff Writer, CNET
    > > May 6, 2002, 4:00 PM PT
    > >
    > > reporter's notebook - VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- Even before the
    > > CanSecWest security conference started on Wednesday, unknown hackers
    > > had given the hotel's high-speed network a case of the hiccups. By
    > > Wednesday evening, the system was laid out flat.
    > >
    > > The pros were peeved, and a call for an electronic posse went out.
    > >
    > > "We're forming a hunting party," Dragos Ruiu, independent security
    > > consultant and conference organizer, told the room of nearly 150
    > > hackers and security experts late Thursday afternoon. "If anyone wants
    > > to help us find out who's...poisoning the hotel network, talk to me."
    > >
    > > But that evening, the vandal stayed offline and the hotel network was,
    > > for a little while, glitch free.
    > >
    > > Networks don't come much more hostile than those at the CanSecWest
    > > security conference. The three-day conference brought together
    > > hackers, security consultants, and government officials to talk tech
    > > about the latest tools and trends in the online arena.
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