Re: [ISN] Microsoft says penalty will let hackers run wild

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Date: Tue May 14 2002 - 00:32:22 PDT

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    > By D. Ian Hopper
    > May 8, 2002  
    > WASHINGTON (AP) -- Hackers, virus writers and software pirates could
    > run rampant if Microsoft disclosed the technical product information
    > that nine states have requested as an antitrust penalty, a company
    > executive says.
    > Jim Allchin, who oversees the Windows operating system, said that
    > disclosures sought by the states "would make it easier for hackers
    > to break into computer networks, for malicious individuals or
    > organizations to spread destructive computer viruses and for
    > unethical people to pirate" Microsoft's flagship software.
    All this tells me is that Trustworthy Computing has left enough holes
    riddling the code to allow for many entries.  If the code were secure,
    it could be easily combed over and.... what would be found then?
    MS is keeping the hood on their little car locked down tight lest
    anyone see the hamsters and figure out how to poison them.  Blah.
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