[ISN] Virus writers get behind Gigabyte

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Date: Wed May 15 2002 - 01:00:41 PDT

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    By James Middleton [13-05-2002]
    Sharp author gets the plaudits
    The virus-writing community made something of an about-turn last week
    as an increasing number of authors gave their support to female virus
    writer, Gigabyte.
    Previously the teenage coder had been lambasted by male members of the
    community for her creation of the Sharp virus that attacks Microsoft's
    .Net platform.
    Eighteen-year-old high school student Gigabyte created the second
    virus to affect the .Net platform in March. Although the code was only
    proof of concept and not released into the open, Gigabyte managed to
    attract less-than-welcome attention from some of the more sexist
    members of the virus-writing community.
    But Steven Sundermeier, of antivirus firm Central Command, said that
    in recent weeks he had seen more virus coders praising Gigabyte.
    "We have seen an increasing trend of virus authors praising and giving
    their support to Gigabyte, whether in a message box or remarked in the
    code," he said.
    Recent examples of such commendation include the ChatIRC virus that
    spreads over Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and includes the remark: "I
    love viruses, I love Gigabyte!" in its code, and the Orkiz mass
    mailing worm, which displays a message in Spanish proclaiming
    admiration for Gigabyte.
    Gigabyte's Sharp virus was the second of its kind to infect .Net
    files. A writer going by the name of Benny from virus group 29A got
    there first with the Donut virus in January.
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