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From: InfoSec News (isnat_private)
Date: Fri May 17 2002 - 02:48:26 PDT

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    In the last couple of weeks I have been working on a few updates of
    both C4I.org and InfoSec News for a new site rollout in the near
    future, I have also been pouring over webstats, looking at search
    terms, and trying a few of them out. One site that suprised me was 
    an article I never saw until today in ITworld.com by Brian Hatch
    "Where to Go for Security Summaries"
    Where there was a neat review for InfoSec News!
    InfoSec News
    ISN (http://www.c4i.org/isn.html) shoots copies of interesting
    security- related articles directly to your email. The articles are
    very wide ranging; they're usually not related to specific
    vulnerabilities, but they do offer some enjoyable security reading.  
    Volume ranges from one to ten messages a day. Yeah, it's not a weekly
    security reminder, but it's fun.
    That review made my day!
    Which leads to the main reason why I'm sending this mail out, Whenever
    someone leaves the list, I always manually type out a message to the
    effect of...
    I see that you signed off the ISN list, and I was curious why?
    William Knowles
    Nine out of ten times of sending this I get little nuggets of feedback
    to improve the list, one has been popping up alot is in regards to the
    amount of messages being sent out, and of those repling back on 
    InfoSec News articles. 
    Some would like to see a seperate list for replies, I think its a good
    idea, as it would cut down on the amount of ISN mail sent, but I was
    curious how many of you, the ISN readers would be interested in an
    unmoderated list of replies to InfoSec News articles?
    Unmoderated only as far as things stay on topic, if things gravitated 
    towards food recipes involving heat generated from your servers, 
    ballistic comparisons between the H&K MP-5 PDW and the FN P90 PDW, or 
    the most efficient way to send a box of Krispy Kreme dougnuts overseas 
    while still keeping them fresh, then I'd probably have to jump in, and  
    moderate the list. :)
    I have no idea what the traffic would be like on this seperate list,
    sometimes there is one or two messages in my box about a story, and
    othertimes there's been 10+ messages.
    So, there it is, think about it, sleep on it, reply with a little 
    feedback and we'll go with it from there.
    Thanks for your time!
    William Knowles
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