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Date: Mon May 20 2002 - 03:20:39 PDT

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    I'd like to thank everyone that has replied so far! The response has
    been great, and honestly I haven't had the time to look them all over,
    so there won't be any rash instant decisions on where things are 
    The feedback I have read is incredible, I normally only get this kind
    of insight as I said earlier is from subscribers leaving the list, and
    various security conferences I attend.
    Over this past weekend I strolled over to the local Barnes & Noble 
    looking for one book, and ended up buying another. Actually I bought 
    the paperback version of Body of Secrets, its my third copy, not that 
    I have lost or lent the other two copies. 
    The first one I got was a first edition signed at Blackhat 2001 by
    James Bamford, and the second one I bought at Lindbergh Field in the
    weeks after September 11th after tiring of sitting around the airport
    for many hours waiting for my flight. I slowly read about a quarter of
    the book at various other airports around the U.S., but it was at
    times too much of a pain to lug it and my laptop in the same backpack, 
    especially at the security checkpoints.
    In case you are interested, Amazon has Bamford's Body of Secrets 
    in paperback.
    Which includs a new afterword on the events of September 11th, which
    when I was reading it brought on a swell of emotions I was feeling on
    that day.
    For $10.47 beats the $14.95 plus tax I spent on the impulse buy at
    Barnes and Noble.
    William Knowles
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