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    Forwarded from: Jay D. Dyson <jdysonat_private>
    [If you're reading this, its only because your content software hasn't
    blocked it, as the message below is a little on the blue side, you
    have been warned. I'm basically posting this (With Mr. Dyson's OK) as
    its something I have been hearing quietly over the last 8-10 months.
    Friends and associates in information security becoming jaded with the
    whole works, and some even pondering leaving it altogether to follow
    old projects (Something you don't want to hear, with there not being
    enough infosec professionals as it is). I did ask Jay if leaving the
    list meant if he was hanging the up coffee cup and taking up longboard
    surfing on an classic Hobie, and the answer was no, he will still be
    deep in the trenches of information security. 
    I for one will miss Jay's witty and insightful commentary as he always 
    hits it on the head. -  William Knowles]
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    On Mon, 20 May 2002, William Knowles wrote: 
    > I see that you signed off the ISN list, and I am VERY curious why? 
    	Look over the last four years.  In all that time on this and every
    other security list, what difference has been made in railing against the
    FUD, waste and general idiocy of the commercial and government sector with
    respect to computer and network [in]security?  The answer: none. 
    	DMCA passed, SSSCA is coming, and it's just going to get worse
    from there.  You think the government or the industry gives a rat's ass
    about what a bunch of open-source advocates think?  Guess again.  We've
    been marginaziled for decades, criminalized for years, and all the days
    that have been used fighting against it have been a waste.  A pure,
    fucking, unadulterated waste.
    	Given enough time and discouragment, anyone can see when it's time
    to stop fighting the tide and get the fuck off the beach.  I've reached
    just that time.
    	And you can quote me on that.
    - -Jay
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