RE: [ISN] Lets Indict All the Lawyers

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Date: Wed May 22 2002 - 01:43:02 PDT

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    Fowarded from: Sheri Moreau <akindofmagickat_private>
    > Forwarded from: Marjorie Simmons <lawyerat_private>
    > What if the organization for which you work, and for which you are
    > the primary or sole information security person, (or are the
    > consultant that designed the systems security), suffers a security
    > breach, and the US federal government decides that the breach was
    > accomplished by terrorists, and that you are the primary at-fault
    > person, and they arrest you because, to them, it looks like you may
    > have helped?  (Don't forget the contemporary lawmaking that makes
    > hacking a terrorist act -- though the 'terrorist' may be a
    > 12-year-old from Lincoln, Nebraska.)  Would you call your lawyer?
    We've had this discussion before; it's a philosophical question that
    doubtless puzzled King Solomon.
    If you leave your car door unlocked and your laptop on the seat, and a
    thief takes it, who's culpable? Temptation is a crime worthy of the
    death penalty in some countries...  (think: chador)
    What will the (1) police (2) lawyers/judge (3) insurance company say
    about your laptop loss? Sure, there was a theft, but sheesh--you were
    practically asking for it (2 out of 3 will probably say this, and 3/3
    will think this, yes?). Does the age of the thief matter? What about
    the thief's intent? Was your laptop a target of opportunity, or a
    targeted acquisition by a corporate spy?
    Scenarios for conjecture:
    1. You leave the door unlocked and the laptop in clear view on the
    seat and a thief takes it
    2. You leave the door unlocked and stuff the laptop behind the seat
    and a thief takes it
    3. You lock the door and hide the laptop in the trunk and a thief prys
    up the trunk lid, or breaks a window and pushes the trunk release
    button and takes the laptop
    4. You get real tired of replacing laptops, so you lock the door (or
    maybe not) and hide a fake laptop in the trunk with an explosive paint
    device that allows you to track the unauthorized intruder.
    and so forth.
    It's been said before: Security is everyone's responsibility. Protect
    your interests.
    My two cents.
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