[ISN] DOD focus on joint networks urged

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Date: Thu May 23 2002 - 02:54:30 PDT

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    By Christopher J. Dorobek 
    May 22, 2002
    The Defense Department should direct more resources toward information 
    technology that can drive joint, networked operations, a former vice 
    chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said.
    DOD has made strides toward joint forces, but the process is moving 
    far too slowly, said retired Adm. William Owens, vice chairman and 
    co-chief executive officer for Teledesic LLC, speaking May 21 at the 
    Network Centric Warfare 2002 conference in Arlington, Va.
    Instead of focusing on the evolutionary changes that can come from 
    implementing network-centric operations, the military has been focused 
    on such things as the Army's controversial Crusader weapon system or 
    the Navy's next-generation warship, the DDX.
    DOD officials need to focus on integrating systems and pulling 
    together all of the pieces so they work jointly, Owens said.
    However, DOD lacks a central authority that could look at using 
    commercial technologies to improve warfighting efforts, he said. 
    "Where do you go in DOD to talk about commercial technologies?" Owens 
    asked. "That's the great strength of this country."
    The United States needs to take this seriously because other countries 
    are looking to leverage technology to find the U.S. military's weak 
    points, he said. Other countries understand that they cannot take on 
    the U.S. military in a conventional battle, so they are looking for 
    new and innovative ways to enable their armed forces. The Chinese 
    government, for example, has been spending money on such initiatives, 
    he said.
    "It's the next blitzkrieg," he said, and the United States is not 
    spending adequate amounts of money or effort if it is going to 
    maintain its superiority.
    "We are here in the United States where we focus on mass" in terms of 
    the size and strength of forces. But others are thinking about 
    leveraging information technology and information warfare, he warned.
    Owen also was critical of Defense agencies. Although many of those 
    agencies were created in the hopes of enabling joint operations, that 
    effort has largely failed. "We've wound up with nine additional 
    stovepipes, and they are sucking up money," he said.
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