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Date: Fri May 24 2002 - 03:26:16 PDT

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    By Dan Caterinicchia 
    May 23, 2002
    Network-centric warfare - which seeks to make data available to those 
    who need it across the organization or on the battlefield - is the 
    future of the U.S. military, but many potential pitfalls must be 
    addressed to ensure its success, according to a top official in the 
    Office of the Secretary of Defense.
    Donald Henry, special assistant to the director of net assessment in 
    the Office of Net Assessment within OSD, said network-centric warfare 
    is essentially an outgrowth of changes in communications technologies, 
    but that evolution - although beneficial  also carries danger.
    "With every great change in technology, there are profound, 
    unanticipated and unintended consequences," Henry said during his May 
    22 presentation at the International Quality and Productivity Center's 
    Network Centric Warfare 2002 conference in Arlington, Va.
    Henry said network-centric warfare is the way of the future, but that 
    DOD must address four key issues as it moves forward:
    * Determining accountability if something goes wrong.
    * Erasing a bias against full automation in certain situations and 
      assigning responsibility for how systems act in fully automated 
    * Keeping U.S. allies up to speed.
    * Protecting operations from one rogue or "crazy" individual.
    The current military system does a good job of addressing such issues 
    via the chain of command, only using full automation in demonstrations 
    or exercises, divulging as much data as possible to allies, and having 
    established procedures to prevent one disgruntled person from bringing 
    down an entire mission. 
    However, with network-centric warfare, the dangers associated with all 
    of these increase, Henry said.
    "I don't have any answers...but these are the potential pitfalls" that 
    will be faced during the next five years, he said.
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