RE: [ISN] MS Outlook booted off campus

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Date: Fri May 24 2002 - 03:34:37 PDT

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    Forwarded from: Wall David Civ AETC/DOXD <David.Wallat_private>
    Is it just me, or is somebody burying their heads in the sand?  
    Whatever happened to maintaining the latest antiviral signature files
    so you don't get hit in the first place?
    Am I missing something here?????
    Dave Wall
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    By Steve Ranger [22-05-2002]
    Cambridge college sick of virus attacks
    Cambridge women's college Newnham has banned the use of Microsoft
    Outlook and Outlook Express because it is tired of clearing up after
    virus attacks.
    The college, which has around 700 users, took the decision after the
    latest Klez virus outbreak.
    The university mail servers blocked around 200,000 copies of the mail
    but the college had a number of infections which took a while to clean
    Users were informed of the ban on 26 April.
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