[ISN] Kimble/Schmitz gets 20 months suspended sentence

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Date: Wed May 29 2002 - 02:49:35 PDT

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    By John Leyden
    Posted: 28/05/2002 at 13:22 GMT
    German glam-hax0r Kim Schmitz (aka Kimble) has received a 20 month 
    suspended sentence from a Munich court after being convicted of stock 
    price manipulation designed to net him $1,114,200.00 (750,000). 
    Schmitz, who was extradited from Thailand in January after a botched
    attempt to flee justice, was also fined $100K Euros ($92,870) by the
    court after pleading guilty to insider trading of shares in
    The fraud took place when the fat one's front company, Kimvestor, took 
    part in a scheme to rescue Letsbyit.com from collapse. 
    Schmitz, readers will recall, was the founder of YIHAT (Young 
    Intelligent Hackers Against Terrorism), an 'elite' crew of IRC kiddies 
    determined to use their mad skillz to track down international 
    terrorist Osama bin Laden. Schmitz has also claimed to be a master 
    hacker himself, in addition to being a financial wizard. 
    In January, while he was on the run Schmitz posted a cryptic message 
    on his site advertising plans to commit suicide - or at least his 
    crossing "to a new world". 
    This proved to be a publicity stunt and visitors to the site are now 
    informed that Schmitz wishes to be known as "King Kimble the First - 
    Ruler of the Kimpire". 
    The stunt is fairly typical of Schmitz, as amply demonstrated on his
    Web site [1]. He even hired a model who'd posed in Playboy to pretend
    to be attracted to him as he squired a cluster of pals [2] around the
    Caribbean in a rented yacht he hopes we'll think he owns.
    His legend of hacking proficiency is based on a little fact
    interlarded with a lot of juicy bits taken from media accounts and
    movies, as this article [3] mirrored by Attrition makes painfully
    [1] http://www.kimble.org
    [2] http://www.kimble.org/carib2000/
    [3] http://www.landfield.com/isn/mail-archive/2001/Feb/0012.html
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