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    For Immediate Release
    B.K. DeLong
    Top Security Experts Address the Real Issues in Computer Security -
    Richard Clarke to Keynote
    http://www.blackhat.com/ -- Black Hat Inc. announced today preliminary
    speaker sessions for this summer's Black Hat Briefings and Training
    2002, the annual conference and workshop designed to help computer
    professionals better understand the security risks to their computer
    and information infrastructures by potential threats. This year's show
    will focus on several tracks of hot topics including Wireless,
    Firewalls, Access Control, PKI & Single Signon, Routing and
    Infrastructure, Application Security, Intrusion Detection, Incident
    Response & Computer Forensics, Privacy & Anonymity, Web, Mail and
    Other Related Servers, and Deep Knowledge. The event is being held 31
    July through 1 August 2002 at the Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino in
    the heart of Las Vegas.
    Top-notch speakers will deliver to the conference's core audience of
    IT & network security experts, consultants and administrators the
    newest developments on the vital security issues facing organizations
    using large networks with a mix of operating systems.
    "Our goal is to present a vendor-neutral environment where conference
    attendees can receive key intelligence in a face-to-face environment
    with the people developing the tools used by and against hackers,"
    says Jeff Moss, founder of Black Hat Inc. "Our speakers discuss the
    strategies involved in correcting existing problems and inform
    attendees on upcoming issues, preparing them for the future."
    Richard Clarke, Special Advisor to President Bush for Cyberspace
    Security, will be one of the keynotes headlining the event. Mr. Clarke
    has served in several senior national security posts. Most recently he
    served as National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure
    Protection, and Counter-terrorism on the National Security Council. As
    National Coordinator, he led the U.S.  government's efforts on
    counter-terrorism, cyber security, continuity of government
    operations, domestic preparedness for weapons of mass destruction, and
    international organized crime. He will be speaking about our nation's
    strategy for securing cyberspace.
    The lineup of Black Hat Briefings presenters for 2002 include:
             -- Thomas Akin, Founding Director, Southeast Cybercrime
    Institute.  Akin is a Certified Information Systems Security
    Professional (CISSP) who has worked in Information Security for almost
    a decade. He is the founding director of the Southeast Cybercrime
    Institute where he also serves as chairman for the Institute's Board
    of Advisors. He is an active member of the Georgia Cybercrime Task
    Force where he heads up the Task Force's Education committee. Thomas
    also works with Atlanta's ISSA, InfraGard, and HTCIA professional
              -- Ofir Arkin, Managing Security Architect, @stake. Prior to
    joining @stake, Arkin has worked as a consultant for several European
    finance institutes where he played the rule of Senior Security
    Analyst, and Chief Security Architect in major projects. His
    experience includes working for a leading European Swiss bank
    architecting the security of the bank's E-banking project.
             -- Rebecca Bace, President/CEO, Infidel Inc. Bace provides
    strategic and operational consulting services for clients that include
    security point product developers, legal firms, and Internet solutions
    providers. She is also a noted author on topics in intrusion detection
    and network security, with credits including the white paper series
    for ICSA's Intrusion Detection Consortium. Her book on Intrusion
    Detection was published by Macmillan Technical Publishing in January,
             -- Don Cavender, Senior Special Agent, FBI Academy. SSA
    Cavender has twelve years experience as an FBI Agent. The past seven
    years he has been involved in high technology investigations and/or
    digital forensics.  He is presently responsible for instruction in
    Internet and Network Investigations for FBI, Federal, State and Local
    Law Enforcement Investigators, case support and consultation and
             -- Sean Convery, Network Architect, Cisco. Convery is a
    network architect in Cisco's VPN and security business unit. Sean
    works primarily on the SAFE blueprint, and is an author several of its
    whitepapers. Prior to his four years at Cisco, Sean held various
    positions in both IT and security consulting during his 11 years in
             -- Mark Eckenwiler, Senior Counsel in the Computer Crime &
    Intellectual Property Section, Criminal Division, U.S. Department of
    Justice. Eckenwiler is Senior Counsel in the Computer Crime and
    Intellectual Property Section, Criminal Division, U.S. Department of
    Justice. His areas of responsibility include federal wiretap law,
    computer search and seizure, and online investigations. An Internet
    veteran for almost two decades, Mark has written and spoken widely on
    such issues as anonymity and free speech, e-mail stalking laws,
    Internet jurisdiction, electronic privacy, and the Fifth Amendment
    implications of cryptographic keys.
             -- Halvar Flake, Reverse Engineer, Black Hat Consulting.  
    Originating in the fields of copy protection and digital rights
    management, he gravitated more and more towards network security over
    time as he realized that constructive copy protection is more or less
    fighting windmills. After writing his first few exploits he was hooked
    and realized that reverse engineering experience is a very handy asset
    when dealing with COTS software. With extensive experience in reverse
    engineering, network security, penetration testing and exploit
    development he recently joined BlackHat as their primary reverse
             -- Dr. Ian Goldberg is internationally recognized as one of
    the world's leading cryptographers and cypherpunks. Dr. Goldberg is a
    founder of Berkeley's Internet Security, Applications, Authentication
    and Cryptography group. In addition to developing many of the leading
    network software titles for the Palm Pilot, he is known for his part
    in cracking the first RSA Secret Key Challenge in three and a half
    hours; breaking Netscape's implementation of the encryption system
    SSL; and breaking the cryptography in the GSM cellular phone standard.
    In November 1998, Wired magazine selected Dr. Goldberg as one of the
    "Wired 25" - the twenty-five people who in 1998 are "about to change
    the rules all over again." In December 2000 he obtained his Ph.D. from
    UC Berkeley for his thesis "A Pseudonymous Communications
    Infrastructure for the Internet," which examined the technical and
    social issues involved in designing the Freedom Network.
             -- Jennifer Granick, Litigation Director, Center for Internet
    and Society, Stanford Law School. Ms. Granick's work focuses on the
    interaction of free speech, privacy, computer security, law and
    technology. She is on the Board of Directors for the Honeynet Project
    and has spoken at the NSA, to law enforcement and to computer security
    professionals from the public and private sectors in the United States
    and abroad. Before coming to Stanford Law School, Ms. Granick
    practiced criminal defense of unauthorized access and email
    interception cases nationally. She has published articles on wiretap
    laws, workplace privacy and trademark law.
             -- The Honeynet Project is a non-profit, all volunteer
    security research organization dedicated to researching the blackhat
    community, and sharing the lessons learned. Made up of thirty security
    professional, the Project deploys Honeynet around the world to capture
    and analyze blackhat activity. These lessons are then shared with the
    security community. The Honeynet Project began in 1999 and continues
    to grow with the founding of the Honeynet Research Alliance.
             -- Jesse Kornblum, Chief, Research and Development, Air Force
    Office of Special Investigations. SA Kornblum is the Chief of Research
    and Development for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations
    Computer Investigations and Operations Branch . A graduate of the
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he has experience running
    intrusion investigations and supporting other agents in more
    traditional investigations. He is currently responsible for developing
    tools and techniques to allow agents to conduct investigations.
             -- Larry Leibrock, Associate Dean and Technology Officer,
    University of Texas McCombs Business School. Leibrock has held or
    currently holds clinical teaching and research appointments at McCombs
    Business School, Institute for Advanced Technology, The University of
    Texas Law School, Emory University, Helsinki School of Economics and
    Monterrey Technologica in Mexico City and Monterrey. He is a member of
    IEEE, ACM, Internet Society, FIRST and USENIX/SAGE. He is also a
    member of the Department of Defense Software Engineering Institute and
    a participant in the Air Force Software Technology Conference.
             -- David Litchfield, Managing Director & Co-Founder, Next
    Generation Security Software. Litchfield is a world-renowned security
    expert specializing in Windows NT and Internet security. His discovery
    and remediation of over 100 major vulnerabilities in products such as
    Microsoft's Internet Information Server and Oracle's Application
    Server have lead to the tightening of sites around the world. David
    Litchfield is also the author of Cerberus' Internet Scanner
    (previously NTInfoscan), one of the world's most popular free
    vulnerability scanners. In addition to CIS, David has written many
    other utilities to help identify and fix security holes. David is the
    author of many technical documents on security issues including his
    tutorial on Exploiting Windows NT Buffer Overruns referenced in the
    book "Hacking Exposed".
             -- Dr. William Tafoya, Senior Member of the Executive Staff,
    Computer Sciences Corporation Federal Sector - Defense Group. Tafoya
    is formerly Director of the Information System Security and Education
    Center, Washington, DC. Prior to that he was Professor of Criminal
    Justice at Governors State University and before that he was Director
    of Research for the Office of International Criminal Justice at the
    University of Illinois at Chicago. He is a retired Special Agent of
    the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
    A full list of speakers can be found at:
    Black Hat Inc. will also conduct computer security training for
    several different topics the two days prior to the briefings - 29
    through 30 July.
    Subjects include:
             -- Hacking by Numbers
             -- Secure Development of Data-Driven Web Applications
             -- System and Process for Digital Evidence Ramp-Up Course
             -- Forensics Tools and Processes for Windows 2000 and Windows XP 
             -- Using Active Directory to Manage Security
             -- Advanced Scanning with ICMP
             -- Securing Solaris and Locking Down Linux
             -- NSA InfoSec Assessment Methodology Course
             -- Ultimate Hacking: Black Hat Edition
             -- Analyzing Software for Security Vulnerabilities
             -- Infrastructure Attacktecs & Defentec "Hacking into a Cisco Network"
    The instructors for the training segment of this year's Black Hat are
    some of the top experts in their field and are fully active in the
    computer security community. You won't find most of these speakers
    anywhere else and these handpicked security gurus will train
    participants in understanding the real threats to any network and how
    to keep them from being exploited.
    To register for BlackHat Briefings, visit the Web site at
    http://www.blackhat.com. Direct any conference-related questions to
    For press registration, contact B.K. DeLong at +1.617.877.3271 or via
    email at pressat_private
    About Black Hat Inc.
    Black Hat Inc. was originally founded in 1997 by Jeff Moss to fill the
    need for computer security professionals to better understand the
    security risks and potential threats to their information
    infrastructures and computer systems. Black Hat accomplishes this by
    assembling a group of vendor-neutral security professionals and having
    them speak candidly about the problems businesses face and their
    solutions to those problems. Black Hat Inc. produces 5 briefing &
    training events a year on 3 different continents. Speakers and
    attendees travel from all over the world to meet and share in the
    latest advances in computer security. For more information, visit
    their Web site at http://www.blackhat.com
    B.K. DeLong
    Press Coordinator
    Black Hat Briefings
    Def Con X
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